Our team

Elo Liiv

Elo Liiv
TAVA 2016 main organizer
Ph: +372 56984477
E-mail: elo[ät]tartuvalgus.ee

Elo Liiv is a sculptor and a lecturer, who uses modern technology – video, mapping, light and kinetics for creating site-specific and experimental art. Elo is teaching light installation at Estonian Academy of Arts, she is one of the leaders of NGO Valgusklubi, was one of the organizers of Tallinn Light Biennial in 2013.

Sabine De Schutter
Curator of the conference and architectural lighting workshops
Ph: +49 151 26840328
E-mail: sabine@tartuvalgus.ee

Sabine De Schutter is a Berlin-based lighting architect. She runs her own lighting design studio, and works on projects ranging from office lighting to welcoming museum lighting. She has won several awards for her research and design projects. She gives workshops at several universities and is a lecturer at HPI School of design thinking.

Tanel Rander
Curator of indoor exhibitions
E-mail: tanelr@hotmail.com

Tanel Rander is an artist, a curator and a writer from Tartu, Estonia. He has studied law and worked as a lawyer and an attorney, since 2008 he is freelance artist. In 2010 he graduated from the studies of interdisciplinary arts and continued with doctoral studies, making artistic research on East European subjectivity and decolonial options.

Elo Kiivet
Curator of the conference and open space light installations
E-mail: elo.kiivet@gmail.com

Elo Kiivet is an architect, urban planner and lecturer, whose primary area of interest is public space and built environmental education. She has worked in various architectural offices and at Tartu City Government.
Since 2012 she belongs to the TEDxTallinn management team.

Karin Bachmann
Curator of the conference and open space light installation
E-mail: karin@tartuvalgus.ee

Karin Bachmann is a landscape architect, she belongs to the editorial board of magazine “ÕU” and Estonian Architects’ Association. Daily operating in a landscape architecture company KINO, related activities include curating exhibitions and drawing up the web map of Estonian contemporary landscape .

Oliver Kivimäe
Marketing, Lightfair
Ph: +372 5558 5209
E-mail: oliver@tartuvalgus.ee

Culture manager Oliver Kivimäe has carried out several seasonal projects and festivals (including Schilling, Viljandi Music Walk). His job as a project manager means that daily he can be found in Hopner House, Tallinn.

Margo Saaremets
Media & Communication
E-mail: margo@tartuvalgus.ee

Margo has academic background in humanitites. He’s been contributing to local cultural life in public sector, organizing concerts and occasionally playing an instrument on stage himself. He was involved in international outdoor lighting project “Light in the City” as the coordinator of a public lighting act “Guerrilla Lighting” (2013-14).

Jaanus Tamm
Tartu City Government
Ph: +372 58506742
E-mail: Jaanus.Tamm@raad.tartu.ee  

Jaanus Tamm has been working as a project manager at Tartu City Government for more than five years. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Tallinn University of Technology and worked for over 15 years in the private sector. Jaanus Tamm was involved in an international project “Light in the City” aimed at outdoor lighting (2013-2014)