Tartu in Light 2016 invites to sign up for workshops

On May 19.-21. participating lighting designers and artist gathered for a pre-meeting to familiarise with Tartu cityspace and festival trajectory, gather emotions and ideas. They analysed local lightspace and the concept of the city in a broader sense. The following architectural lighting workshop instructors were present: Vivi Katarina Hennig (DEN), Darío Nunez (IS), Johan Moritz (DEN) and Tina Wikström (SWE). They selected the objects of three workshops that will be designed into light-installations during the festival. All objects will be part of previously fixed trajectory that runs from Dome Church through Town Square to Tartu City Museum.

Architectural lighting workshops will take place at 16-20.10.2016. According to organisers it’s a unique opportunity to give “hands-on” experience to students, lighting design professionals and to everyone interested in lighting design in general. Workshops will cover the work out of the entire concept and building of installations. Workshop instructors are members of International Association of Lighting Designers IALD which is a solid proof that we’re dealing with true experts who are visiting Estonia and the Baltics only occasionally. You can sign up for workshops with a special early bird price from here until the end of June 19th.


The ruins of Dome Church – starting point of Lightpath. Object of architectural lighting workshop, workshop leaders Johan Moritz and Tina Wikström (SWE). Photo: Annika Haas

Besides lighting designers the following lighting artist took part of the pre-meeting: Timo A. Aalto (FIN), Jenni Pystynen (FIN) and Milo Lavén (SWE). They will create three interactive room installations that will put into attention places and non-places of Tartu to give them a new meaning and public effect. Read more about exhibitions from here.

Tartu Light 2016 main program will take place on 21-23.10.2016 but with side-program it will run throughout the month (13.10-13.11.2016).