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Tartu University Museum


October 21 at 18:00

Flashlight excursion at Toomemägi (Dome Hill)

In October the sun sets around six o’clock, highlighting the splendour of Tartu Cathedral (Toomkirik) that has been brought to light by TAVA16. The excursion takes place in the specially lit Tartu Cathedral but pays attention also to other hidden places at Toomemägi. Darkness is fought against with flashlights. The guide of the excursion is Urmet Paloveer from the University of Tartu Museum.

The price of the excursion is 2 Euros (we appreciate exact amounts)

October 22 at 18:00

About the Meaning of Light: Firework of Stained Glass during the Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, candles and a warm hearth, high stained glass windows and divine light were of great importance in people’s lives. Even though the stained glass windows of Tartu Cathedral do not exist anymore, it is probable that during the Middle Ages the most splendid shows of light in Tartu took place here. The lecture focuses on the meaning of light until the end of the Middle Ages and takes the audience on a tour to the colourful world of stained glass.

Entrance free of charge

October 23 at 18:00

Viljandi Linnakapell and Andreas Kalkun “Welcome to all the Pleasures. AD 1683”

During TAVA16 the old music ensemble with longest traditions in Estonia gives a concert in the decorous white hall of Tartu Cathedral. During the Middle Ages and later on music was valued as highly as light. They shared a certain joint element, the divine spark. Viljandi Linnakapell will play arias from Henry Purcell’s „Fairy Queen“ as well as joyful music of his contemporaries.

Entrance 10 Euros; special price 7 Euros (cash only)