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Tartu New Theatre


Labyrinth theatre Group G9 + Tartu New Theatre

21 Oct. 22.00
22 Oct. 19.00
23 Oct. 19.00 in English

”The first droplet was the scariest. I didn’t understand what was happening. I was afraid that the world will crumble, implode, and it will all start from this spot where the drops fell. I tried not to move or breathe, hoping that this way I can fight the change and conserve the previous reality. I was afraid to get lost in the chaos.”

‘Lifetime’ is a story about the last kiss, the taste of carrot juice, father developing prints in the bathtub, the viewpoint of peonies, two stripes gallery, abandoning, falling with a bicycle, drinking until collapsing under the table, stealing, the laughter of horses, memories, music, personal and universal lives.

Attention please, this is a work of participatory theatre.
Sitting during the whole duration of the performance might not be possible. It is possible to avoid getting into embarrassing situations. The performance will include staying in dusty rooms and outside. Please dress accordingly, take a water bottle with you if needed, and bring a headlamp/torch and headphones/earplugs if possible.

Duration 3h

Meeting spot Riia 5, book store ‘Sõna’.

The performance begins and ends in different locations, the distance between them is 650 m. The relocating will be done by walking.

Tickets from Piletilevi, from Tartu New Theatre´s box office (Lai 37) on workdays 12.00-14.00 or 30 min before the show in Riia 5 book store „Sõna“

“Burnt Fields”
Tartu New Theatre

8. Oct. 19.00, English friendly
9. Oct. 19.00, English friendly
10. Oct. 19.00, English friendly

Renate Keerd’s production, “Burnt Fields” (“Põletatud väljade hurmaa”), is of the genre of a physical-psychedelic contemplative tragedy in a comic-poetic form. Or the other way around. It all really depends on your viewpoint.

Põim Kama (Postimees – an Estonian daily): “In a newspaper I would leave half the page empty and just write in bold: “GO SEE IT YOURSELF!” And at the bottom in an illegible script I would add: “Warning! The play may cause an unusual desire to do a cartwheel, blow soap bubbles or kiss a stranger!”

Katrin Maimik, Andres Maimik (Eesti Ekspress – an Estonian weekly): “The production gives the viewer a chance to smash down their overflowing bucket of inner shit and throw off their weighty burdens – their position, their duties, the inevitability of life, the anxiety of language, the dishes piled in the dishwasher, thoughts that lead nowhere, the mother-in-law’s birthday. And just rip of your clothes down to your undies and play along in your mind, roar and romp and racket, wallow, crash and slam, escape from stupid thoughts and the emotional poisonous fumes circulating in the piping – into a pure physical bliss. And then, having twitched yourself empty and cleansed yourself in front of the shrine of love, go back to your home of grey walls and white ceilings, turn on the dishwasher and lie down next to your spouse, without the pillow being soaked from yearning.

Liisi Aibel (Postimees – an Estonian daily): “Due to its surprising and witty solutions and its unique use of the human physique at play, I recommend “Burnt Fields” to everyone who likes to take a little risk when going to the theatre”.

Iiris Viirpalu (Müürileht): “In “Burnt Fields” one can again see how using human patterns like Lego men, and creating inventive choreographic pictures is the undeniable ace up the author’s sleeve. Renate Keerd’s plays are characterised not only by the performers’ visible sense of danger, but also by a constant perception of danger from the audience.

Tickets from Piletilevi, Tartu New Theatre´s box office (Lai 37) on workdays at 12.00-14.00 or 30min before the show.