Tartu City Museum


Fashlight tour
Friday, October 21

Museum open from 11:00 to 20:00, at 19:00 you are welcome to join a flashlight tour of the permanent exhibition of Tartu City Museum. Bring your own flashlight! The tour will be guided by Nele Dresen, a pedagogue of Tartu City Museum. 

Public program of an exhibition
Saturday, October 22 at 17:00 

Public program of the exhibition „From History’s Rubbish Bin to History. Waste, Science and Business from the Middle Ages to Today”: Johan Moritz (Malmö, Rootsi), a participant of the festival, will talk about light pollution. His talk will be translated into Estonian by Arvi Haak, the curator of the waste exhibition and an archaeologist of Tartu City Museum.

Historian Lea Leppik (Tartu University Museum) will talk about the history of lighting in Tartu.

Arvi Haak will introduce the exhibition „From History’s Rubbish Bin to History„ opened on September 15. The exhibition will remain open to the public until April 1, 2017.