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The Promised Light

Curator: Tanel Rander


Galerii Noorus 13.-30.10.2016 / opening 13.10 at 18.00
Tartu Kunstimaja 20.10-13.11.2016 / opening 20.10 at 18.00


Anna Salmane and Krišs Salmanis (Latvia), Bence György Pálinkás (Hungary), Berat Işık (Turkey), David Kellner (Austria), Diana Tamane (Estonia/Latvia), Jevgeni Zolotko (Estonia), Matija Plevnik (Slovenia), Rapolas Valiukevičius and Aukstasis Moxlas (Lithuania) and Terje Toomistu (Estonia)

“The Promised Light”:

The exhibition “Promised Light” focuses on the meaning and origin of light in contemporary context and tries to articulate the difference between light and enlightenment. The notion of light holds together the natural and the artificial – after all it is based on human and its formation into a subject of late modernity. Such formation is the historical process of the Western civilization and its mission to liberate the whole planet from darkness and to create a basic ground for humanism. “Promised Light” departs from the fractured self image of late modernity, as well as from the option that the enlightening mission of the Western civilization has failed. The exhibition brings together allegorical, critical, experimental and research-based artworks that can be related with human subject – the bearer of light in modernity. It is the question, whether this subject is still the one to carry the light, or it has gone missing during the enlightenment? And how much is left from the progressive world view that promised an improvement for the mankind and displayed the future in light colors?

Public program:

21.10 at 19:00 – meeting with curator and artists / Tartu Art House

Film program:

23.10 at 15:00 – Tartu Art House, waching the movies:
“The Russian Woodpecker”

More information:

Tanel Rander
Curator of indoor exhibitions
+372 56678729


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