Installation artists

Timo A. Aalto

Timo A. Aalto is a lighting designer and a light artist from Salo, Finland. He started his career in the1990s – at first doing concert lighting and light design for artists on tours, after which he discovered the world of theater, and shortly afterwards took up light art. He has been doing light art for the last ten years, finding his own way to approach that material.

Timo graduated from Helsinki Art University with MA in lighting design in 2013.

“Every creation has its own way to illuminate it. For every work I must seek a new point of view, different methods and ways to find its visual essence. I love to use different types of sources of light even if they cannot exactly be called „appropriate equipment“. Mis-use of different technologies for a perfect visual solution is an absolute necessity in my work.”

Jenni Pystynen

Jenni Pystynen is a Finnish lighting designer who works with light in different contexts, from performing arts to light art installations and architectural lighting. Jenni’s work is influenced by the Nordic lights and its varying forms that she grow up observing. She is inspired by the transformation of the environment both visually and socially brought along by changing seasons and natural light. In her work she often investigates the emotive and sub­conscious effect that light has on us humans.

Jenni´s latest projects include a lighting installation for the Shard in London, Spectra­3 in Lumiere Lighting Festival and lighting design for RRRRR performance in Kiasma, Helsinki.

Milo Galdi Lavén

Milo Lavén is an architect and artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. His studies include architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and ETSAB in Barcelona, as well as music at Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. In addition to architecture his works includes light and sound art as well as scenography. He often works with big scale and interacitvity in public spaces.

Einike Leppik

Einike Leppik is a composer and audovisual artist who lives and works in Tallinn (Estonia). Einike graduated from Antwerpen Royal Academy of Fine Arts with master’s degree in graphics and at the moment is finishing her master studies at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. During last years she has been focusing more on composing music but her interest in border areas of visual arts and sound worlds has not disappeared. The main focus in this area is the relations of space and sound, and discovering and creating unusual soundscapes.

Aleksandr Zverev & Ingrid Aasoja-Zverev

Aleksandr Zverev and Ingrid Aasoja-Zverev are young architects from Tallinn who are looking for exciting challenges in city space and are intervening actively in the policies of designing space. They have both graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with master’s degree in architecture and city planning. Together they have participated in several architectural competitions and received different awards. In 2013 they co-founded an architecture office – AZIA Arhitektid.

Ingrid’s and Aleksandr’s installations have been exhibited at light festivals in Tallinn and Helsinki.

Varvara & Mar

Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet have been working together as an artist duo since 2009. They have exhibited their art pieces in a number of international shows and festivals. Last year the duo has been commission by Google and Barbican Centre for creating a new art piece for Digital Revolution exhibition. And this year their public art proposal for Green Square Library and Plaza in Sydney was nominated for the second and final stage.

In addition to that, they have been on non-stop residency tour for three years. The artist duo locates itself in the field of art and technology and is concerned about the new forms of art, innovation, and also the application of knitting in the field of digital fabrication. They are the authors of open source knitting machine Knitic and Circular Knitic. Their aim is the integration of textile fabrication into the makers’ culture. Thus, they use and challenge technology in order to explore novel concepts in art and design. Hence, research is an integral part of their creative practice.
In addition to kinetic and interactive installations, the artists have also experience with working in public space and with urban media.

Varvara (born in Tartu, Estonia), gained her bachelor degree in IT from Estonian IT College, master degree in digital media from ISNM in Germany and currently is a PhD candidate at the Estonian Art Academy in the department of Art and Design.

Mar (born in Barcelona) has two degrees: in art and design from ESDI in Barcelona and in computer game development from University Central Lancashire in UK. Also he is a co-founder of Derivart and Lummo.