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Curators: Karin Bachmann and Elo Kiivet


Timo A. Aalto (FIN), Jenni Pystynen , Milo Lavén (SWE), Aleksander Zverev & Ingrid Aasoja (EST), Einike Leppik (EST) and Varava&Mar (EST). Tartu Art School and Tartu Art College students are also involved, guided by Elo Liiv


16. – 20.10 building the installations
21.-23.10 installations are open to the public


Light road or axis running from University of Tartu Museum – Toome Hill – Town Hall Square – river Emajõgi to Tartu City Museum.


We are looking for site-specific outdoor installations, that deal with Tartu city, its forgotten spaces, its history, its citizens. We are looking forward to see new solutions for old places – direct light to non-places.


The festival “Tartu Valgus” (“Tartu in Lights”, TAVA 2016) includes city installations that bring spatial relations between places and non-places to the forefront. It frequently happens that over-illuminated non-places are over-shadowing real places because light is being used not for inviting but for dispelling purposes to see who, where, what and how is moving – and, thus, not to broaden the use of public space but to control and monitor (for example, to solve a crime later on). Therefore, illuminated cityspace is functioning as a turn-away, although contrary logic and concepts should be applied to darkness. During TAVA16 places and non-places of Tartu will be brought to the forefront , rethought and reinterpreted.


1) journey
2) stop
3) focus

The approach towards installations should be socially and/or spatially critical, offering new options (including non-psyhical) for using the space, environmental. In addition, the installations should be interactive to create new experience or cognition of a place.

In May 2016 pre-meeting was organized for the participating artists to introduce the local situation (public space, buildings, spatial elements, lighting etc.), history and future plans of Tartu, and started developing initial ideas into more specific and site-specific ones.

During a week in Octobre 2016 the installations will be built in Tartu and installed for about a week-long period open for public to see and/or use.

More information:

Elo Kiivet,
curator of the conference and open space light installations
+372 56569674

Karin Bachmann,
curator of the conference and open space light installation
+372 53487656


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