Press release: Festival of architectural lighting and light art invites everybody to Tartu

Tartu in Light or TAVA16 is a consistent, international, cross-disciplinary festival of architectural lighting and light art. The pre- and main events of the festival will last for 30 days, culminating on October 21-23. The main program of the newborn festival consists of an exhibition called „Promised Light“ in Noorus Gallery and Tartu Art House (13.10–13.11) curated by Tanel Rander, workshops about contemporary lighting of public space and interactive light and a guerrilla action (16.10–23.10), a conference and a light fair (21.10), an audiovisual artwork by Mick Pedaja and VJ Alyona Movko at the opening ceremony (21.10) and urban space light installations „(Non)Place“ in the city (21–23.10). In addition we plan to carry out satellite programs in collaboration with Tartu University Museum, Tartu City Museum and Tartu Uus Teater (New Theatre of Tartu). The opening ceremony of the festival will take place on the night of October 13 when visitors are welcome to enjoy a dynamic play of light on Võidu Bridge by Sabine De Schutter and an exhibition of Jevgeni Zolotko’s work in Nooruse Gallery. Tartu in Light 2016 is organized by NGO Valgusklubi in collaboration with Tartu City Government.

The whole event is site-specific – both light art as well as installations of architectural lighting will be created taking into account the peculiarities of Tartu, and they will be built on the spot. Workshops of architectural lighting design will be led by recognized professionals, members of International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) from Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Urban space installations of TAVA16 will be created by light artists selected via competition by the jury of the festival. An axis of light exhibiting possible solutions for outdoor space will start from Tartu University Museum, pass through the park of Toomemägi (Dome Hill), across Pirogov Square, the Town Hall and Town Hall Square, the bridge Kaarsild and end in Tartu City Museum. The axis of light will be opened for visitors on October 21-23.

Elo Liiv, the main organizer of the event, explains the purpose of the festival: „The aim of Tartu in Light 2016 is to raise awareness about the role of light design in our daily environment, to create prototypes of possible lighting solutions in the city, and activate public space and introduce possibilities related to light to the public. Everything that we do and see is enhanced by light. Light stimulates our senses and feelings, creating a special atmosphere for everyone. The festival takes place during the dark season when light and its absence is of great importance to people.“

It is possible to sign up for light design workshops until October 15. Also, we expect companies involved in the business of lighting, luminaries and light design to take part of the Light Fair in Aparaaditehas that takes place parallelly with an international conference on light design.

More information available and registration open on our website

NGO Valgusklubi raises awareness about lighting, shares lighting-related knowledge, organizes workshops and other events, creates installations. Valgusklubi makes light audible and visible by turning it into art and uniting everyone for whom light is not simply alternation of night and day but a chance to alter reality. We hope to see you in Tartu to light it up and shine together!
For more information contact Elo Liiv, the main organizer of TAVA16, NGO Valgusklubi, +372 5698 4477 ,