Workshop heads

Vivi Katarina Hennig

Vivi Katarina Hennig is a lighting designer IALD, MSLL and manager of WSP-Lighting Design in the southwest region of Sweden.

She has 15 years of experience in architectural lighting design – both for interior and exterior projects. Her portfolio with projects in Sweden, UK and Dubai entails abbeys and cathedrals, a modernist high-rise building, city entrances, parks and urban spaces, mountain passes and master-planning for municipalities. Vivi Katarina frequently gives masterclasses and workshops in lighting design. She is very passionate about the lighting design process and working with conceptual methods.

“ I very much look forward to be part of the TAVA16 festival. I love the creative process and the mutual learning experience for students as well as for workshop heads. The group-dynamic are always very exiting and sometimes challenging so that every person in the group reaches the common goal.”

2013 Lighting Design, manager, WSP Southwest region, Sweden
2010-2013 CEO, senior lighting designer, Hennig Design, Sweden
2005-2010 Senior lighting designer, White Architects, Sweden
2003-2004 Assistant lighting designer, MBLD, London, UK
2001-2003 Landscape architect, lighting designer, Swedish Nat. Road Adm. Consultancy, Sweden


2007 Master in Light and Lighting – Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London, UK
2000 Master in Landscape Architecture, SLU, Alnarp, Sweden
1999 Lighting Designer – Jönköping University, Sweden
1991 Building engineer, Upper secondary school, Sweden

Micaela Pärsdotter Andersson

Micaela focuses her attention on the possibility to create spaces with light. We can reach people’s emotions by enhancing and shading different elements from our landscape.

With 10 years of experience in architectural lighting design from both France and Sweden, Micaela worked on a large range of subjects from old castles to heavy industries or graveyards. The passion stays the same and the focus remains on the human in the space.ärsdotter-andersson-507b89ba

Darío Nunez

Darío Nunez is a Mexican-Icelandic Lighting Designer based in Reykjavík. He has very extensive experience in Architectural Lighting, which includes working experience in Europe, America and Asia.

Darío discovered his path in Lighting Design soon after he graduated as an architect. He began working for an independent lighting design office in Mexico where he developed an enormous passion to improve architecture and the built environment through light.

After some years, he moved to Iceland where he continued his career as a lighting designer. In this Nordic location, he gained more sensitivity to the importance of light for human beings. He decided to take the Master program in Lighting Design at the Hochschule Wismar with the goal of extending his academic and scientific background. He lived in Berlin while doing his internship and took part in different lighting workshops and seminars.

After his studies, Darío moved back to Iceland and founded his own studio called LuminArk. He then took an exciting opportunity to join the award winning lighting design team at Verkís, one of the largest engineering companies in Iceland, were he is now taking a leading role.

Dario is a board member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Iceland (Ljóstæknifélag Íslands). He developed light-art installations for the Reykjavík Winter Festival 2014 and 2015, and is now taking part planning the Nordic Lighting Awards 2016, which is to take place Iceland this year.ío-nuñez-95904329


2016/04 – present Lighting Design Leader, Verkís Consulting Engineers, Iceland
2014/11 – 2016/03 Senior Lighting Designer, Verkís Consulting Engineers, Iceland
2013/11 – present Founder / Lighting Designer, LuminArk, Iceland
2012/05 – 2014/11 Lighting Designer, Lumex, Iceland
2011/08 – 2011/12 Intern, L-Plan Lichtplanung, Germany
2007/08 – 2010/09 Lighting Designer, Lumex, Iceland
2005/03 – 2007/06 Lighting Designer, Artenluz, Mexico


2010/10 – 2012/07 Master of Architectural Lighting Design, University of Wismar, Germany
1999 – 2004 Bachelor of Architecture, Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Monterrey, Mexico

Johan Moritz & Tina Wikström

The two Swedes lighting designers, who started working together during Tina’s internship, have created a fruitful collaboration. Tina from up north and Johan from down south, represent Sweden in its diversity. The two different bodies, both the future and past, complete each other in a symbiosis that will help the workshop participants to understand the full complexity of a lighting designers’ daily work. With Tina’s curiosity and Johan collected knowledge from over 30 years of experience in the field, they will guide and transfer knowledge to the workshop participants during TAVA16.

Johan Moritz

Johan is a professional member of IALD. Probably the first Lighting Designer full-time hired by a city. With his office in the City hall he has been able to create and help colleagues to take a position as one of worlds best planned and conjoined lighting masterplans and solutions for the City of Malmö. Now 15 years later the results are blooming and the citizens understand and use the urban environment, both day and night.


2002 – present Lighting Designer for the City of Malmö, Sweden
2000 – 2002
Lighting Designer, Project Manager at SPECTRA, Malmö, Sweden
1995 – 2001 Tech manager/Lighting Designer at Slagthuset, Sweden
1985 – 1995 Freelance 
Lighting Designer

Tina Wikström

Student member of IALD
Since lighting design is one of the most powerful instruments to communicate with and Tinas ambition is to try to make life better for more people. The interest grew in to the idea of working in the public realm. After the internship at the City of Malmö it was clearly the right choice of career.öm-324074102


2016 Intern, Streets & Parks Department, City of Malmö, Sweden


2014 – 2017 Bachelor of Lighting Design, University of Jönköping, Sweden