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Lighting design workshops

Dates & places:

Zalong, Ülikooli 5, Tartu
– lighting design workshops: 16-20/10/16
– pre-opening of the lighting installations: Thursday, 20/10/16
– lighting installations open for public: 21-23/10/16

Location of installations:

Dome Church ruins, Town Hall, Tartu City Museum. We have chosen these sites for their importance to the city, and their impact to the urban outdoor area of Tartu. At the same time the night-time presence of all these monuments can be improved by carefully thought of lighting concept, and hence become landmarks not just during the day but also at night.

How to registrate:

Please register by filling in the form


TAVA2016 or Tartu in Light will be the first ever light and art festival to take place in Tartu. Tartu, Estonia’s second largest city and a university hub will be lit up with lighting installations from the middle of October 2016.

As a part of the festival there will be three lighting design workshops carried out in the public space and inner city of Tartu. The objective of these workshops is to be an experimentation ground for lighting in the public realm. It aims to investigate and improve Tartu’s current urban lighting and to create real size prototypes for citizens and visitors to experience.

As a second objective, these workshops are a platform to learn, to give people the chance to get hands-on experience in working with light and lighting equipment. Workshop heads will guide the participants from concept to realisation and educate them on the main aspects of lighting design. The work created during the lighting workshops will be a part of the light festival, which is open to the public from Friday the 21st till Sunday the 23rd of October 2016.

Light festivals are widely known to attract citizens and visitors from near and far as they appeal to a large public. Beautification being the first and most obvious layer that attracts visitors, the concept which is research-based, as the second, gives a deeper meaning and a social component to the concept. The workshops are a part of an event that brings people together and invites them to explore their outdoor environment at night. Specifically, these installations show to the visitors what architectural lighting design can do and how it can change their city. In this sense it will be showing the power of light and sensibilizing the public for the value of lighting design to the urban realm.

Walking tour:

There will be a walking tour connecting different workshop locations, art installations and other important sites of TAVA16. At each of the installations there will be someone explaining the project.


We aim to have participants with different backgrounds; they can be students and professionals. They will be selected based on their motivation. Educational institutions can also participate with a number of students, as a part of their program.

Before the event:

A pre-conference meeting was held in May 2016 in Tartu. During this meeting the selected workshop heads shortly presented their work and chose the sites.

More information:

Sabine De Schutter
Curator of the conference and architectural lighting workshops
Ph: +49 151 26840328
E-mail: sabine@tartuvalgus.ee  

Workshop timetable

Sunday, 16/10/16:

– participants get to know each other, workshop heads introduce themselves
– visit to the workshop sites
– learn about the historical background
– introduction handling of the luminaires

Monday 17/10/16:

– concept phase, participants analyse the sites
– testing of the first concepts
– share ideas amongst the teams

Tuesday 18/10/16:

– iterating the concepts
– sharing findings between the teams
– testing

Wednesday 19/10/16:

– starting to build the final installation

Thursday 20/10/16:

– building the final installation
– preparing documents and plans
– hand-over to city and organizers

Friday 21/10/16:

– teams present their final installation at the conference
– official switching on of the installations at the gala event
– opening of the festival to the public with walks and guided tours to the installations


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