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Tartu Raekoda, III korruse saal




Guerrilla Lighting is an open source idea for creating magical moments of quality lighting that demonstrates the power of light to transform spaces.

Guerrilla lighting is a war on bad lighting but most of all guerrilla lighting is about having FUN and raising the awareness of the power of light.

Guerrilla lighting creates ephemeral and magical moments of quality lighting that are recorded and sent to the media and politicians to instigate action against bad lighting!


First day 22.10, 18.00-21.00
– Introduction and getting to know the group
– Urban lighting examples and horror lighting
– Guerrilla Lighting basics and goals
– Getting to know the equipment
– Event sites and design
– Fundamentals of design plans, what we want to emphasize and why?
– Photography and other material: who, where and how?
– Break / discussion
– We divide into groups (about 3 groups) and name group leaders
– Group gathering and design explanation for each group.
– Light testings outside, testing colours and filters
– Visit the sites
– Free discussion / questions / preparing next day.


Main day 23.10, 19.00-21.00
– 1,5 hours before we gather the groups and give equipment for everyone
– Check the batteries, filters etc.
– Go through the plans once more
– Go to first site to get ready! -> Tour begins

What to expect / how to prepare:

– Keep an open mind. This is about having fun!
– Dress in dark clothes suitable for the weather
– No glowing materials, white or bright colours. Black hat or hood is good.
– Guerrillas need to be invisible in photos, that’s why the dark colours
– You should be able to stay in weird positions for few minutes. It’s a long time in a bush!
– Just follow my instructions and listen to the group leader. AND have fun, then everything will go smoothly
– As a Guerrilla, you won’t be able to see the whole outcome of the design, so hopefully we can gather everyone together afterwards and see some photos ASAP.

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