TAVA16 workshops

Lighting design workshops
16. – 20.10
Zalong, Ülikooli 5, Tartu

As a part of the festival there will be three lighting design workshops carried out in the public space and inner city of Tartu. The objective of these workshops is to be an experimentation ground for lighting in the public realm. It aims to investigate and improve Tartu’s current urban lighting and to create real size prototypes for citizens and visitors to experience.

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Modern lighting master planning
Raekoja plats 12, Tartu, 2nd floor, auditorium

Planning modern public Lighting requires a holistic approach which deals with the many complex aspects involved. Lighting is not only a matter of safety, security and mobility, but serves as a tool for creating identity and livable cities. The fact that the world is in the middle of the biggest transition in lighting technology since Edison reinforces the need for professional master planning.

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Interactive light
Aparaaditehas, Kastani 42, Tartu

You can do with light much more than just switching it on and off. What if you could control the color of every LED, create animations, patterns, signs, etc? Moreover, light can be also interactive and responsive to various actions, like proximity, temperature, touch and much more.

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Guerilla action & workshop
22. – 23.10
Tartu Raekoda, III korruse saal

Guerrilla Lighting is an open source idea for creating magical moments of quality lighting that demonstrates the power of light to transform spaces.

Guerrilla lighting is a war on bad lighting but most of all guerrilla lighting is about having FUN and raising the awareness of the power of light.

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